THE LEGEND OF ZELDA Is In Live-Action Development For Netflix

I admit, I’m not too familiar with The Legend Of Zelda games seeing as how it was never really my cup of tea. Ultimately though, it became immensely popular over the last twenty-nine years since it emerged on Nintendo and as much as I heard of it, the question always dawned on me as to why it never hit the big screen.

Well, as the Wall Street Journal puts it, Nintendo is pretty protective of its property, although it appears they are currently working on a potential series for Netflix. The game itself is set in the land of Hyrule and focuses on a Hylian warrior named Link who sets out to save Princess Zelda from the evil desert-dwelling Gerudo thief, Ganondorf. The report also states that they’re structuring the potential series in a family-friendly fashion similar to HBO’s popular middle-Earth series, Game Of Thrones. Knowing Netflix’s caliber of programming as of late what with the success of Marco Polo as it gears up for a second season, in addition to the expectations set for their Marvel slate with Daredevil this April and A.K.A. Jessica Jones which just began filming, a series like Zelda could work, especially with the popularity of various other webseries based on games as of late.

It’s also pretty fitting now that another Super Mario Bros. movie is in the works at Sony while Genesis ramps up its workload of games to transfer to film and series development. So, if Nintendo gives in, this could always turn into something bigger, and I’m sure fans of Link and his adventures would be fine by all this.

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