A Bolt of Lightning Heralds India’s New Superhero – MINNAL MURALI Trailer Debuts!

Normally, when I watch a superhero trailer, I have to do so cautiously. The modern Marvel Cinematic Universe trailers have defined a formula, and for better or worse, it works; Lore Dump, action scene greatest hits, the literal twist and then hints at the ending. Even with months of complaints leading up to these films about “spoiling the entire movie” the theatres are still packed come show day. At times, the trailer for the film Minnal Murali falls in to these traps. However, unlike the MCU trailers, this one makes me wish I could walk in to a theatre on day one to see it. Coming direct from Indian producers Weekend Blockbusters, Minnal Murali is a superhero origin story of a different, somehow more grounded sort.