BRAVESTORM: Catch The Latest Trailer For Okabe Junya’s Dual Sci-Fi Mecha Hybrid Film Adaptation

Looking to hone in on his VFX talents with appealing results, writer director Okabe Junya has been taking to classic toku and mecha properties for his inspiration. That drive has since brought us to his emerging two-part action sci-fi epic, BraveStorm, the hybrid result of adapting Nippon Gendai and Senkosha’s classic IPs, Silver Mask (1971) and Super Robot Red Baron (1973) with new characters at the forefront.

In the year 2050 mankind is extinct on Earth. 

The last survivors, five Kasuga brothers, plan to use a time machine and exterminate invader the Kyrgyz before he starts to invade Earth. 

They travel back in time to 2015 with the design data of the Kyrgyz’s giant robot Black Baron and their three powers: a device for identifying aliens, psychic powers, and powered suits. 

When the brothers arrive at the past, they contact roboticist Kenichiro Kurenai and start to build a giant robot Red Baron. 

However, Kenichiro cooperates in the manufacture of the robot on one condition. 

His younger brother Ken Kurenai gets embroiled in a fierce battle over the survival of Earth as the pilot of Red Baron. 

An Alien vs Reinforced Humans 

A Giant Robot vs a Giant Robot 

A fierce battle starts in Tokyo! 

The film initially had its day at the Hong Kong FilMart back in March. More news is pending on its rollout beyond this point but we’ve since garnered a trailer a few months ago and you can now view it below with Yoshizawa Hisashi, Daito Shunsuke Daito, Yamamoto Chihiro, Watanabe Shu and Matsuzaki Yuki starring.