A Handful Of Soldiers Face Immense Odds In The New Trailer For BRAVO 5

Malaysia shares a pretty distinctive past between several decades of the last century that saw its government warring with pockets of armed Communist factions up until late 1989 when a cease fire was finally instituted. A few films have been done exploring this aspect of Malaysia’s history in one form or another, and this year, director Mohd Latiff Zami (Yeop Hitler) is looking to offer his own cinematic efforts for his latest action war epic, Bravo 5.

Some folks have their opinions about this particular kind of film as it is loosely based on a real-world events. Politics and historical accuracy aside however, it’s all the trimmings of an entertaining war film filled with its own share of drama, spectacle and action. So either way, if this type of film is your speed, check it out.

The film opens domestically later this year, and stars Beto Kusyairy, Remy Ishak and Sofi Jikan.


Against the backdrop of 1989, Bravo 5 tells the story of five members of the ATM Commando (Special Forces Regiment) tasked to locate the communist guerrillas who plan to dominate the strategic positioning of the central region of Peninsular Malaysia. Unfortunately, communication was lost due to faulty communication set. Without the aid of other troops who were supposed to arrive, they were forced to fight with almost 200 members of the communist guerrillas.