Blurbs From China: Bruce Le’s Possible Return To Action And Talk Of Hard Target 2

From L to R: Mike Leeder, Wong King-lung, Darren Shahlavi and Mike Moller on the set of Pound Of Flesh

During the course of filming in China for director Ernie Barbarash‘s new Jean Claude Van Damme actioner, Pound Of Flesh, a few updates have dropped during the production process that may leave a few old school kung fu cinema fans and Van Damme fans alike, pretty excited.

While the production itself has already unveiled its fair share of set pics so far during filming, and as it stands, at least one news gem dates back to sometime when a group photo started going viral online. Notably, that photo included actor-turned-director Wong King-lung who worked as a contract player for Shaw Brothers before taking on nom de plume, “Bruce Le”, following Bruce Lee’s passing away in July of 1973.

As it turns out, according to an article written recently by Far East Editor, Asian cinema syndicate and Pound Of Flesh co-star Mike Leeder, Wong is planning a return to the martial arts action genre, which will be further discussed in a forthcoming interview.

As for the second update, Leeder also mentions that there are possible talks for a sequel to accliamed filmmaker John Woo’s 1993 hunter thriller, Hard Target, which could leave room for Van Damme to return to familiar territory as Cajun American daylaborer and skilled survivalist, Chance Boudreaux.

The actor has seen quite a return to form in the last several years, appearing in cult faves like French-language self-titled drama, JCVD, the non-mainstream third and fourth installment of the Universal Soldier franchise, the summer 2012 Hollywood blockbuster, The Expendables 2 and returning to the set once more with Timecop helmer Peter Hyams for Enemies Closer. And with several of his classic hits well on their way to remakes of their own, it would certainly serve the fans nicely to see Van Damme back in action with a sequel. And who knows? Maybe Wong might have place for him.

Then again, Leeder would know better; While little more may be known about these updates until the right time, they are both definitive and noteworthy mentions to hold onto with Leeder being one of the most respected and well-knowing insiders in film journalism for numerous years as reporter, producer and actor. His most recent performances will be seen in the upcoming releases of Helios from directors Sunny Luk and Longman Leung, and director Roy Chow’s Wong Fei Hung reboot, Rise Of A Legend.

As for Pound Of Flesh, fans can expect this one to arrive in 2015. Meanwhile, Van Damme’s next release will arrive on August 12 for director Keith Parmer’s crime thriller, Swelter, courtesy of Well Go USA.