Love Becomes Mankind's Deciding Fate Between Two Gods At War In ZEUS' END!

Independent filmmaker Warrenton Maxwell kicked off November with the airing of his latest new webseries, Zeus’ End. A product of Full Sail University’s growing prodigals, Maxwell started writing at the age of eight, having fallen in love with the craft and pursued it at Full Sail as of two years ago, following up with an idea he had a year later and started developing in August.

Tailor made for an 18+ audience, Zeus’ End centers around the story of Greek gods at war in the modern world, combing fantasy, romance, mature comedy and drama enfused with action. The first episode of Zeus’ End is now available on the official YouTube channel for Genesis Action/Stunts with up two three more ten-to-fifteen minute episodes on their way. The series stars Mike Horne, Katherine Wray, Ashley Kroft, Lindsey Brathwaite, Josh Zajdel and Anthony Giovanni Elias who also served as the stunt coordinator.

Watch the trailer below and catch the first episode by CLICKING HERE, or subscribing to the series on Facebook.


A young Zeus falls in love with a mortal woman; weakened and no longer supreme ruler, can he stop the almighty Hades from ruling humanity and be with the mortal he loves? A tale of love, sacrifice, and the ability to choose your own path.