Van Dien Leads The Action In RELENTLESS; Dacascos In Talks

Time will tell if whether or not previous reports will forsee the return of actors Casper Van Dien and Mark Dacascos to the Mortal Kombat Legacy arena for a third outing. In the meantime, we now have news of their involvement on a new project from Greenlight Films, Emerald Films and Riucci Films, Relentless.

According to Twitchfilm, Van Dien will lead as Charlie LaFarge, a former US Army Ranger on the run from the law and resigned to vengeance after being unwittingly swept into a feud between warring Russian and Thai drug traffickers, ensuing the theft of his boat, the brutal murder of his mentor, the kidnapping of his girlfriend and the malfeasance of a crooked DEA agent. Dacascos, whose slate has been loading up with various potential projects like Blood Raid and Baf Sjamsuddin’s Garuda 7 is currently in talks to join the production under Dark Power helmer John Milton Branton with a script by retired ATF agent, awarded author & journalist and House Of The Rising Sun scribe Chuck Hustmyre, and fight choreography by Tekken 2: Kazuya’s Revenge action director Brahim Achabbakhe.

Silent Partners’s own Brandon Rhea and Impact‘s Mike Leeder are co-producing the film with US casting director, Pamela Staton whilst having just completed Dacascos‘s latest lead role in the second film under their banner, Ultimate Justice which is due in 2015.

More names is expected to be announced in due time.