In Defense Of A TEKKEN Reboot

Ask yourselves, how many of you would love to see one of Kazuya’s spinning demon uppercuts? How many of you want to see Hworang throw out a sick live action display of kicks and combinations? How many of you wanted to see a Jack cyborg stomp the crap out of GunJack, P.Jack or Jack-2? How many of you wanted to see a cinematic display by actors who can personify the likenesses of Kazuya Mishima, Jin Kazama and Heihachi Mishima both dramatically and physically in the same explosive, epic fashion that was executed in the 2011 flick, Tekken: Blood Vengeance? How many of you wanted to see Jon Foo and Ian Anthony Dale transform into their genetically infused demonic selves in a gorgeous display of two destructive forces at war, like Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon in Man Of Steel? How many of you wanted to see the Williams sisters, Anna and Nina mix it up once and for all? How many of you wanted all this and more and were just left wondering what could have been after what never was?