GOD OF WAR Live-Action Series Announced for Prime Video

Where does one begin when discussing a legendary gaming series such as God of War? It’s the epic tale of Kratos, a tortured Spartan warrior, hell-bent on revenge against the Greek deities that used and wronged him. Over the course of several games, he would eventually topple Mount Olympus’ pantheon and himself claim the title of God of War. The series would receive a universally acclaimed sequel/reboot in 2018 that would find it’s hero exiling himself to the Norse realm of Midgard. This game was recently followed up by the runaway success of God of War Ragnarok, winning Best Narrative, Best Action/Adventure and more at the Game Awards 2022, and selling over 5 million units in it’s launch week; the fastest selling first-party game in Playstation history. Naturally, Playstation Productions would follow this up with a bombshell announcement: they’ll be teaming up with Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Studios to deliver GOD OF WAR, a live-action series based on the series!