‘The Man From Nowhere’ Director Recruits Lee Sun-Kyun For BAD POLICE

Just for a bit of perspective if you haven’t already, check out Korean titles A Hard Day and A Man From Nowhere. Both lend two of the most enthralling performances you will ever see in Korean cimema with actor Lee Sun-kyun in the former, and the latter from heralded filmmaker Lee Jeong-beom for which I recommend you have a few tissues handy, because that’s how real it gets.

See these films and you’ll get a good sense of what’s abound now with word that Warner Bros. Pictures Korea is well on the way for its latest South Korean endeavor, Bad Police. Plot details are currently under wraps though it is said the story will involve a courrpt cop pitted against an even more vicious society – something that will undoubtedly appeal to fans of actor Lee who has a few more titles lined up, including Lee An-Gyu’s upcoming crime noir, A Special Lady.

Lee will be joined by Fourth Place star, actor Park Hae-jung who will be seen later this year in Fox International’s latest production, The Proxy Soldiers which wrapped photography last month. To boot, director Lee’s is a body of work anyone would be wise to catch onto, specifically if there’s an ample mixture of high drama and pulsating action involved, including the 2014 hitman thriller, No Tears For The Dead.

Bad Police is one of several on the slate for Warner Bros. Pictures Korea after expanding last year with Kim Jee-Woon’s period thriller, The Age Of Shadows, New World and The Tiger helmer Park Hoon-Jung’s VIP and Lee Zoo-young’s high-powered drama, A Single Rider – the latter which opened in Korean cinemas last week. Bad Police rolls cameras on March 15.

H/T: KoBiz

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