Aleksander Bach To Direct Alien Invasion Epic, REVOC For Summit!

We’re less than a month before the release of director Aleksander Bach‘s latest live-action game adaptation offering, Hitman: Agent 47. There’s no doubt, however, that early screenings, provided the reviews are upworthy, may prove the film to be an effective one, and so we can comfortably look forward to whatever lies in Bach‘s future as a filmmaker.

That said, THR has it that the award-winning commercial director will be following up with Revoc, an alien invasion thriller from a script by John Robert Cole. David Hoeberman and Todd Lieberman are producing the film for Lionsgate via Summit, and there’s general plot to circulate as of this report while being described as a unique and grounded sci-fi epic.

My take on this is uncertain, so time will tell upon the release of Hitman: Agent 47 just exactly how I feel about Bach in his directorial debut. The trailers have been nothing short of fantastic, and so I’m already sold as it looks like a great first outing. If it works in full, I’m all for Revoc.

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