CASH TRUCK Puts Its Money On Sandra Bullock For Silver Pictures

Nicolas Boukhrief’s 2004 French crime thriller Le Convoyeur, is now the center of Silver Pictures’s latest efforts toward a remake. Production details remain pending for the film aptly titled Cash Truck while it has been confirmed that Gravity star Sandra Bullock will lead the film.

Bullock will star in an intense, emotionally charged action-thriller that explores greed, revenge and the dark heart of human nature. The intrigue begins when Alex (Bullock), an American who has fallen on hard times, starts a job at a London armored car company that was the recent target of a deadly heist. She works her way into the confidence of the tight-knit crew and we discover that there is much more to Alex than it seems. As she goes to dangerous and morally complicated lengths to pursue her own mysterious agenda, an explosive secret from Alex’s past surfaces propelling the story in shocking, thrilling new directions‎.

Josef Wladyka (Manos Sucia, Narcos) will have his feature-length sophomore turn at the helm from a screenplay by Ethan Erwin, Albert Hughes and John Hodge. Joel Silver will produce for Silver Pictures with Hal Sadoff executive producing while IMR International presents the film to buyers at Cannes.

The Oscar-winning actress who also shares credits in the 2009 sports drama, The Blind Side and 2015 political dramedy, Our Brand Is Crisis will get her day next to an ensemble cast of actress’s in the Gary Ross-directed Ocean’s Eight for Warner Bros. Pictures slated for June 8, 2018. (Deadline)