Virtue Clashes In A Hail Of Ballistic Kung Fu In The New Shortfilm, THE RIVAL REUNION

Of course, with the release of Martial Club’s new shortfilm, The Rival Reunion, also comes a glimpse into how the team continues to flourish and evolve in the creativity of its kung fu choreography. Andy was very forward in talking to Film Combat Syndicate about what it is that makes Martial Club tick in designing action on camera. “We love being able to apply our training and giving exposure to authentic martial applications, while at the same time being able to freely create new things and bring them to life through film, and look cool doing it.”, he says. “We love to see the end result. It is very nice to see a simulation of fighting in the most glorious context possible. We get to see it presented in a perfection that’s virtually unachievable in the real world.”.