Watch The Stylish New Teaser For Australian Martial Arts Feature, THE CHALLENGE LETTER

Not a lot of kung fu instructors take an interest in acting or screenfighting. As for those who do, it’s always appealing when you find that number of such people who are keen on expanding their craft to such a field, and impressively so. Such is the case with martial arts instructor Sifu Robert Chen of Chang Sing Tong Kung Fu Academy in Australia where he is now in the midst of his latest foray into feature length martial arts action with their current production, The Challenge Letter.

An untitled teaser released back in November prior to getting an official branded teaser as of earlier this month, and while the plot is unknown at this point in time, the footage itself is nothing short of amazing, scored with a great montage of Chinese, Japanese and Brazilian fighting styles among others likening a bit to tones similar to hits such as The Quest and Bloodsport. The film is also seemingly the first within an online resume of shorts and demos you will also find on the same channel with Chen showcasing some very solid work deserving of an upgrade to feature-length territory. Personally, I look forward to this one!

Chen also co-wrote and is co-directing the film with Nathan Colquhoun, with Shimamoto Nobuaki and Ingrid Yin Hu also starring. Watch the trailer below and enjoy the gallery of set pics just beneatj courtesy of Sifu Robert Chen!