CONTRA: China’s Live-Action Game Adaptation Pops-Off With A Teaser Announcement

Been in touch with Asian cinema as of late? If so, there’s a chance you’ve heard rumblings and rumors of live-action adaptation of the popular side-scrolling video game, Contra. Wei Nan (Soul Transfer Station) is the only name thusfar attached as he’s producing the film as well as providing the screenplay while we await news on who will star, direct and so on.

Beijing Starlit Movie and TV Culture are backing the film inspired by the game which took off from arcade installments to game systems thirty years ago from its roots at Konami. Playing its title off of real-world right-wing military groups that were prolific in Nicaragua prior to the game, the game itself is set in the 27th century where two commandos are deployed to infiltrate the evil Red Falcon organization and the mysterious supernatural entity surrounding it following the crash of a meterorite on Earth.

Undoubtedly the film will be reworked for local markets but the interest of a game adaptation in China like Contra considering its Western appeal with the use of Hollywood action star imagery. We’ve yet to see where this will go as early as things are but we already have a teaser poster beefing things up along with a teaser announcement that’s all about locking, loading and popping-off.

Take a look!