Lunchables Presents: WONGIFIED Feat. The EMC Monkeys And The Jabbawockeez!

Freddie Wong on set with the EMC Monkeys and The Jabbawockeez

It’s a sheer display of martial arts, comedy, and slick hip hop dance theatrics courtesy of stunt coordinator Robert Dill MTV reality show personality and creator Rob Dydrek with the latest webseries installation of Fully Uploaded titled Wongified.

Directed by YouTube film sensation Freddie Wong and shot on-location Dydrek’s Fantasy Factory, Wongified features world renowned dance troupe, The Jabbawockeez, best known for performing mind bending feats of imaginitive dance numbers on film, taking their stage craft to a whole new level with each project. This time, the incognito group go vigilante as a team of security guards going toe-to-toe against martial arts stunt team, EMC Monkeys, playing the unfortunate group of robbers trapped inside.

The episode has already gone viral and can be viewed in the embed below, as well as Dydrek’s official YouTube channel for the show’s platform, Lunchables Uploaded. To learn more about the Jabbawockeez, visit their official website.

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H/T: Complex, Lunchables