SPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN HARLOCK Announced For Live-Action Adaptation From Film World Stuidos

Fans of the long-standing manga/anime property, Space Pirate Captain Harlock may be delighted with news of a new live-action film being officially announced by Film World Studios following a series of week-long teasers. The news comes reportedly after less than a year since Japanese retailer Manga Zenkan upon their rollout of the “complete edition” of the manga, otherwise hinting at a live-action Italian and Hollywood film adaptation in the works at the time.

Film World Studios presented an early trailer of sorts to help stir the pot some, along with the following text which can be read at their official website in several languages, including Chinese, Japanese and French:

Hello everyone, 

“Film World Studios, llc” is extremely proud and privileged to announce the acquisition of the live action rights of Leiji Matsumoto’s comic book “Space Pirate Captain Harlock”. 

(Not to be confused with the TOEI Animation series of the same name inspired by the comic book which we hold no rights). 

All of you who are reading this (fans and audience alike) know the genius of Leiji Matsumoto throughout his other works such as “Galaxy Express 999” and many other fascinating stories and characters… 

Stay tuned as we’ll make other announcements soon as far as who will be directing this wonderful film and the question that’s burning on everyone’s lips : Who will be playing “Captain Harlock” in the live action movie?

Even moreso is the question of who will direct it, methinks.

The classic manga was published in 1977 by Akita Shoten telling of a futuristic rebel’s intergalatic fight to save mankind from a race of alien plant-like creatures called the Mazone, and with the aid and help of 40 crew members and his principle team aboard the battle starship, Arcadia. The manga has since spawned its share of live-action animated series and OVAs, as well as a 2013 CG-animated feature film by Aramaki Shinji (Appleseed: Alpha, upcoming new Ghost In The Shell anime).

Visit the official website for Film World Studios with portals available to their respective social media accounts and let’s see where this goes! 

(H/T: ANN)