FULL THROTTLE: Acclaimed 'Fast & Furious' Cinematographer To Make His Directorial Debut

Award-winning and nominated Australian-born cinematographer Stephen Windon‘s career resumé as of late is worth highlighting. Most notably, his credits on four of the Fast And Furious films within the franchise in addition to the 2013 sequel adventure, G.I. Joe: Retaliation alone stand out as worthy highlights to list as credentials for someone possibly looking to spread his wings in the industry.

Alas, it’s today’s report from Deadline that solidifies it for Windon in lieu of his latest directorial debut announcement, Full Throttle, for Singapore-based DragonSlate Media. The film will tell the story of a former motorcycle racer-turned-courier forced to race through the city to perform dangerous criminal acts while avoiding law enforcement at the behest of the criminal mastermind holding his girlfriend hostage.

The film is set to be a major collabration between Hollywood and Malaysia film crews. The Matrix Trilogy executive producer Andrew Mason is said to be leading the production with DragonSlate’s own Sukee Chew, Andrew Ooi, Harriet Spalding and Robert Lundberg executive producing and Leon Tan on board to produce. There’s no cast yet so this could go anywhere whilst Windon completes his work on the upcoming third installment of the Star Trek franchise with veteran Fast And Furious helmer Justin Lin.

Rest assured, a good action film takes a damn good crew behind it with the director of photography playing such a pivotal role, and with Windon‘s accomplishments – especially with the billion-dollar-plus success of his work on Furious Seven, Full Throttle sounds like it’s on a fast track toward fan appeal yet. Stay tuned for more info.