A BETTER TOMORROW Gets The 4K Treatment

Internationally acclaimed filmmaker John Woo is quite expressive nowadays regarding his hopes of reinvigorating his old partnership with fellow film legend Tsui Hark, years after lighting the Hong Kong action genre for the world to see with the 1986 smash hit, A Better Tomorrow. Two more films within that franchise followed apart as the two parted ways years later (with the Korean remake of the first film arriving in 2010), and with Woo wanting to build that bridge, it would certainly revive the glory days for fans longing to see another masterpiece from the famous duo.

Fortunately such admirers also happen to represent 181-year old Swiss watch brand and manufacturers, Jaeger-LeCoultre who took to this year’s events at the 17th annual Shanghai International Film Festival to auction off their products to help fund the 4K restoration of up to nine classic Chinese films since the two parties partnered in 2011. And low and behold, the next film on their roster happens to be A Better Tomorrow. “A Better Tomorrow is the film that embodies my most honest emotion,” says Woo. “It symbolizes a precious chapter of memory, not only for me, but also for all viewers who love it. For me the most valuable part of the film is the enchanting performance by all the actors.”.

The 4K digital augmentation will include a complete frame-by-frame repair of any nixes, scratches and any other damages to the original footage. One can only hope that such a version will see its way to other screens beyond borders.

Both Woo and Hark have films bowing in cinemas this December, with Woo’s latest epic romantic drama, The Crossing, and Hark‘s new 3D epic, The Taking Of Tiger Mountain. Woo is also preparing the IMAX production of his two-part World War II epic, Flying Tigers, while Hark preps to meet attending fans this August at New York City’s Museum Of The Moving Image for a celebratory retrospective attributed to season Hong Kong cinema thesp, actor Patrick Lung Kong (better known as the main villain from the 1997 Jet Li action thriller, Black Mask) who will also attend; The event will also host its own special screening of A Better Tomorrow, which stars Chow Yun-Fat, Ti Lung, Waise Lee and late actor Leslie Cheung.

H/T: China Daily via City On Fire