EXCLUSIVE: Jake La Botz Joins Adkins And Florentine For CLOSE RANGE

Details are still embryotic in the public eye at the moment for director Isaac Florentine‘s upcoming movie, Close Range. Nearly a year after its announcement, the film is finally moving forward after the success of his most recently completed martial arts sequel thriller, Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear, and now as the wheels start spinning with martial arts action hero favorite, Scott Adkins back on the set with Florentine once more, fans can surely expect something very promising, including a cast with some very interesting details to follow.

That said, take a gander at today’s news regarding the addition of actor Jake La Botz (Rambo, Sinners And Saints) to the cast as “Walt Renyolds” as listed in the IMDb page; According to a source affiliated with the production, “Renyolds” is described as one of the main villains in the film and a major catalyst for all the calamity that awaits our protagonist, “Colton MacReady” a former soldier-turned-vigilante resigned to his deadly skillset to protect his family against a dangerous drug cartel, along with a corrupt sheriff and his men.

Close Range will be the seventh collaboration between Adkins and Florentine in their eleven-year history of making notable martial arts action hits, namely including Adkins‘s cult fanbase in support of his iconic character in Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing, and Undisputed 3: Redemption. And in turn, with any luck, development on a fourth film for the latter will come to pass. In the meantime, fans can expect much more ahead with production slated to start sometime early next year as more casting announcements are made.

Bleiberg Entertainment’s Compound B is backing the production with a script by Daylight’s End and Drive Hard scribe Chad Law and Provinces Of Night helmer Shane Dax Taylor who are also co-producing. Fans may also expect to catch Adkins in next year’s IMAX and 3D China release of action star Jacky Wu Jing’s directorial debut, Wolf Warrior, in addition to the continued North American rollout of James Nunn’s Green Street Hooligans: Underground.

Stay tuned for more info!