Adam Lytle Goes Commando In The New Shortfilm, RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE

I’ve been familiar with some of the work being posted by Florida-based stunt performer, actor, fight choreographer and independent filmmaker Adam Lytle. His choreography is some of the sharpest I have seen and I love the attention to detail in the cinematography, a lot of which comprises a passion for the arts he has had the good fortune to pursue since the age of ten. “Both of my parents had degrees in musical theatre, and would write and perform their own plays.” Lytle says. “Mostly they wrote historical dramas but they performed in churches across America. I’ve been blessed with very encouraging parents that have understood that performing was a big passion of mine. I’ve always been the kid that would climb trees and jump off from the highest point just to get an adrenaline rush [laughs], so doing stunts just made sense to me.”.

That journey since continued from the age of 16 having been trained and mentored by the likes of martial arts film and stunt professionals like James Sang Lee, Kim Kahana and Dean Grimes, leading up to the day he finally got his SAG card two years ago. Now working as a professional stuntman, he operates via his own YouTube platform, AJL Stunts to showcase his own advancements acting and coordinating intricate stuntwork and fight direction, as well as writing and directing his own comprehensive shortfilms. And while Lytle doesn’t have his own team, he rather works with stunt professionals in Orlando when and wherever possible to help execute some of his ideas, in addition to the overall enjoyment of filmmaking. “It’s funny, I can’t really pick a favorite part. I like all aspects of it. I like the creative process in filmmaking and I also like the post process, editing, adding sound effects, etc.” Lytle writes. “One of the coolest feelings is being able to step back from a shot or a finished product and be proud of the outcome.”.

An example of that outcome is now on public display in the form of his newest shortfilm, Rumble In The Jungle, joined by four other stunt professionals led by fellow Florida stuntman and actor, Josh Lamboy. It features some truly slick, brutal fight work, and delivers probably one of the best knife exchanges I have seen in a long time opposite Lamboy. It was intriguing enough that I asked Lytle what some of the challenges were when executing a lot of that knife choreography. For Lytle however, it was just another easy day at the office.

“Actually that was one of the easiest things to shoot funny enough [laughs]. We had a few moves of choreo, and in between we would freestyle. When it was cut all together it blended very well.” he tells Film Combat Syndicate. “It’s awesome to work with Josh too because he’s not only a very talented martial artist he’s also a dancer, so it’s always really fun to fight with him. He has a pretty intuitive sense of rhythm.”.

Lytle is still planning things for this year, so it would be in your best interest to follow him on YouTube where you may also subscribe. In addition, Lamboy will also appear in Danny Vega’s upcoming directorial debut, A Dance With The Devil later this year.

Watch Rumble In The Jungle below!