Celine Tran Is A Sexy Vampire Hunter In The New Shortfilm Promo, HEARTBREAKER

It is not often that you see adult entertainment performers step into other aspects of film and acting, and there are quite a few people out there who are doing just that. If you would like an example, then look no further than actress and ex-porn star Céline Tran (formerly known as “Katsuni”), who is now taking her interests into the fun-filled world of comic book lore with Heartbreaker, a new edition of 619 Label’s French comic book anthology, Doggybags, from author, cartoonist and artistic director, Run (a.k.a. William Fox).

And how do you suppose they would market this new installation? Well, the new shortfilm promo below should answer that question, directed by Run and featuring Tran in the lead role as our black-clad sword-wielding, vampire vaporizing superheroine in a full-on assault that takes bullet ballet to a whole new level of sexy!

Wild Stunts (Europe) member Vincent Gatinaud designed the action and VFX with stunt and fight coordinators Kefi Abrikh and Mathieu Lardot.

French comic book aficionados will get first dibs on the new installment beginning June 13. In the meantime, check out the red-hot, NSFW footage in the embed below, and let’s hope this concept gets some feature treatment!