Tom Paton’s Supernatural Thriller, BLACK SITE Begins Filming

A press announcement this week unveiled the production of the new supernational action horror, Black Site. Pandorica helmer Tom Paton makes his third outing here and reunites with Simon Pegg sib, Redwood co-star, actor Mike Beckingham.

Hailing from AirPick Pictures and Tom Paton Film, Black Site is being described as a mix of elements from The Raid and the vision of author H.P. Lovecraft, centered on Ren Reid, a member of an organization known as Artemis which detains and deports rogue members of a species known as Elder Gods. Twenty years after the murder of her parents, Artemis finally captures the Elder God responsible only to face a new threat when worshippers attempt to free their deity from captivity. With the facility on lockdown, Ren finds an unlikely ally on her quest with just hours left to avenge her parents.

The film is currently being hoisted as a potential franchise starter given its subject matter, and with the early acclaim for Redwood ahead of its release later this year. Black Site has a 2018 release with further cast news pending. (ScreenAnarchy)