Misha Green To Produce Netflix-Acquired Action Spec, MOTHER

Fans of the hit series, Underground, may no longer have their favorite show after last week’s cancellation, but series creator Misha Green has other plans in store. Apparently it includes a deal closed with Netflix for the acquisition of a hot speculative script titled Mother which has Green producing with The LEGO Batman Movie producer Roy Lee.

The film is being poised with franchise potential centering on its protaginist in the vein of Luc Besson classics such as Leon: The Professional and Le Femme Nikita. The script went out to buyers last week with Netflix nabbing it in a ticking clock bid with another studio.

There aren’t any casting details or other production info just yet while the film’s announcement comes on the eve of a raft of emerging female-driven action titles, notably Warner Bros.’s Wonder Woman which now has $223 million dollars to its name at the global box office along with plans for a sequel. Green herself will be busy scripting the pilot for Jordan Peele-produced straight-to-series one-hour drama pilot, Lovecraft Country for HBO. (Deadline)