Help Kickstart Motion Spectre's Latest Martial Arts Shortfilm, ONI

Concept art by Lukas McGovern

Hopefully by now you’ve become a purveyor of Film Combat Syndicate’s weekly Hit List. Actor, stuntman and fight choreographer, Fight Factory Stunt Team’s own Michael Lehr‘s history of my coverage dates back to my time as a mere Facebook admin while Lehr has since become much more prominent online in content creation over the past few months, and there are plenty of highlights to look back on.

For this, we now turn to the next four weeks as a new Kickstarter has launched for Motion Spectre’s newest endeavor, Oni, a new shortfilm that opens a door into a millieu of filled with Japanese folklore as the premise for ample martial arts action. And what’s more, Oni is an original story with not based on anything but sheer innovative thought through the creative process led by up-and-coming filmmaker Sam KJ and a devoted cast and crew.

Everyone has their demons, but Chris Hokama’s situation is a little more extreme. He’s being followed by an ancient demon from Japanese folklore called an Oni, who only wants one thing: blood. 

Through their connection, the Oni drives Chris to an unquenchable bloodlust, and he must find a target. 

The Oni shall once again feast on the souls of men.

The Kickstarter is asking for $5,000 to make up half of what it needs to help move the project forward and bring Oni to life. It sounds like it’s worth a shot to lend a couple of bucks to, and with Lehr and his crew on hand, this shortfilm could have a lot to offer.

All it really needs now are just a few minutes of your time to watch their Kickstarter campaign video and view the details therein on how you can help, and what you can get back in return.