What This Kid Filmed On His Smartphone Will Make You Wish You Owned One!

Shameless clickbait headline, I know, but this latest video from director Robert Angier over at Arnhem Pictures was too adorable and awesome to leave alone and not share, especially for one with such an emphatic, personal message.

Titled When Bad Guys Attack, the shortfilm sees actor Myron McClure and young actor Dani Dare in a cool little story about how a youthful imagination can overcome ones’ own fears, and by fears, I mean ninjas… ninjas everywhere. Out of the blue and in the cold light of day, just random ninjas. With lasers and stuff. Moreover, the project is also sort of a love letter to fathers everywhere who remain superheroes in the eyes of children. On that note, I only ask that the next time you pull out your phone to film a loved one, beware ninjas. Either that or get a replacement if your device is ensured. Just sayin.

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