NOMITORI SAMURAI: Catch The Teaser For The Upcoming Period Comedy

It was last March that celebrated short story author Komatsu Shigeo passed away at the age of 87. In lieu of this, folks familar with his work or who are generally fond of literature might even take as much interest in seeing some of the scribe’s work reincarnated and surely enough, leave it to writer and director Tsuruhashi Yasuo whose own penchant for novels and books now give rise to his latest Komatsu-inspired offering, Nomitori Samurai ahead of its release in May.

Judging by the first official teaser you can gather as much that you’ll be in for some quality raunchy laughs central around the role played by actor Abe Hiroshi who stars as a beleagured elite samurai condemned to picking fleas from cats for insulting the feudal Lord. Given his occupation and the double-meaning the word bears on behalf of Tsuruhashi’s own creative liberties, somehow this lands him as an underdog gigolo who gets better at his newfound position.

Also starring are actress Terajima Shinobu and actors Toyokawa Etsushi, Saito Takumi and Kazama Morio with Tsuruhashi’s Black Widow Business star Otake Shinobu, and actress and AKB48 member Maeda Atsuko, and rakugo artist Katsura Bunshi VI. Catch the teaser below along with the first poster!