Watch The Full Trailer For Park Seung-Hik's MEMORIES OF THE SWORD

Writer and director Park Heung-sik‘s latest period actioner, Memories Of The Sword, is gearing up for a theatrical release on August 13, which is less than a month away as of this write-up. The film had been in limbo late last year but with things picking up since then, trailers are now circulating and we now have a first full trailer for fans and those interested to sample Park‘s enchanting vision for a story of vengeance and catastrophic fate.


Three warriors, Poong-chun, Wol-so, and Yu-baek pleadge to fight against the incompetent king. However, the betrayal of Yu-baek leads to Poong-chun’s death, and Wol-so disappears with Poong-chun’s young daughter – Hong-yi – as stricken by guilt. 18 years later, Hong-yi leaves Wol-so and plans to get revenge on both Yu-baek and Wol-so.

It’s a story of one young woman’s destiny written in blood, headlined by a stellar cast with a look that will surely bode well with the wuxia fanbase. International star Lee Byung-hun joins lead actresses Kim Go-Eun and Jeon Do-yeon. Watch the trailer now.

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