THE HIT LIST – August 3, 2015

There weren’t a lot of new stunt reels to host this week – I share a lot of them anyway so I wouldn’t really be surprised if I covered every working stunt professional who had a reel. ? Still though, I have a few gems to share in this week’s Hit List which also grants us a look at a small variety of some upcoming independent projects, as well as the usual assortment of exciting independent fight action that goes out in epic fashion, and a little something special end!

Toby Fuller, James Mowat, Benjamin Redic II and Jenna Hellmuth outline this week’s playlist of stunt performers with fantastic reels, in addition to an awesome featurette by stuntwoman Cheryl “In Action” Lewis, on location in Jersey City, New Jersey back in June to rappell 480 feet down a building in the name of fighting cancer. Check out the goods!

Getting into some cool new promotional content is a set of four titles, two of which will need help of public support.

The first is a campaign pitch by the folks over at DC Stunt Coalition (MAGfest, Swords Of Insurgency) for their upcoming Spartacon Live-Action Gladiator Stunt Show debut in Maryland. The event page is live on Facebook where you can join in on the fun as the show, hosted by Red Serpent, L.L.C. sets out to premiere a bold reenactment of daring action sequences inspired by the Starz hit series. In the meantime, the team itself is well into its current Indiegogo campaign to help raise money to reimburse its members with a reasonable bit of pay, as well as to reassure future live-performances for audiences across the country.

Watch the campaign video below!

Next up is the first of several trailers now online for The Hit List – this one is for an inspired Batman fan film directed by James Campbell which is set to arrive this October provided current post-production crowdfunding goes according to plan. Ripper is the name of the project and puts a uniquely impressive conceptual spin on the Batman storyline with a late nineteenth century London setting as it sets up for a decisive final battle between darkness, and the one vigilant Knight lurking within. Find out more about it at the Indiegogo page right here!

The second trailer comes in the wake of the latest digital download release in the form of the new documentary, From Here To There. Professional freerunning athletes Jesse LaFlair and Cory DeMeyers are the center of this newest profile with segmemts by fellow stunt performers and friends alike as it looks into the various aspects of what it really means to chase your dream as a freerunner. You can find the documentary right now on iTunes, Google Play and wherever digital downloads are sold, including links in the description of the video in the player below.

The third trailer is for upcoming short dark dramedy, The Recovery from A Mindful Samurai Productions. Filmmaker A.J. Singh wore multiple hats for this one while directing this latest gem clocked in at just forty-two minutes with actor and producer Jon Bailie starring in a story of a drunken loser’s last ditch effort to get himself together when life takes an expected turn.

It’s not heavy on action but does present glimpses of what looks to be typically British comedy and drama with a few hits to the face to boot. Not to mention the soundtrack here has some extra good energy, courtesy of Ace Records and Selrec International, Ltd. It’s heading to festivals first and foremost, so mind the poster just beneath the trailer and keep this on your radar if you see fit.

And now we get to the fight stuff, with action actors Betim Alimi and Agron Pajaziti in Special Forces, Delivery Man from the folks at CBR Stunts, indie filmmaker Anthony Pho’s latest Monkids offering, Candy Thief, the latest superhero Minute Match-Up from the ismahawk channel pitting Green Arrow against Hawkeye, Nathan Quattrini’s latest test fight stunt gathering titled Poison and a Neo-Geo-inspired experimental Final Fight fan short from the gang over at EMC Monkeys that will literally have you spinning in circles (open it with the YouTube app and you’ll see what I mean)!

Of course, I’m going to save the best for the last. It’s the latest upload from the amazing crew over at stellar action choreography and film team, Reel Deal Action and having seen it for myself many moons ago, I have been waiting and hoping it wouldn’t be too long before I could share this to you. Yes, it’s director Christian Pfeil’s MULTI award-winning shortfilm, Evil Twin, with Can Aydin in a dual role in a story that takes place following a robbery involving two teleportation jewels, and an epic fight between two brothers on opposite sides of the moral compass.

This is from the same team that’s about to unleash its feature film and without dissent, it’ll be well worth it to see what happens on that end. For now though, I welcome you to watch Evil Twin in all its explosive, hard-hitting and spectacular NSFW glory, and follow the Facebook fanpage right here. Who knows what that could that could accomplish, if not the hopes of a forseeable feature or a sequel?!

And now for that special little something – no, I’m not too familiar with her music, but it’s still worth taking an ear to even if you don’t speak the language. Taiwanese hip-hop artist and musician, Miss KO, unveiled her latest music video dedicated to domestic violence awareness with a special message shedding light on how her own survival inspired her to help carry the message forward. Let It Go (Stop The Violence) is the name of the song with actor, stuntman and filmmaker, Ron Yuan, sitting in the director’s chair. Granted, most of the lyrics aren’t in English but the imagery here is just as compelling and transcending in nature.

….Wow. I can’t wait until next week and hopefully I don’t bleed the inrernet dry! ? Last week’s Hit List was even more loaded with action and I highly recommend bookmarking it for later viewing if you’ve missed it . Beyond that, if you make movies that kick just as much ass or do stunts that are just as daring, bold and sensational, send them to me directly at!