Song Kang-Ho To Star In SECRET AGENT For Warner Bros.'s Korean Debut

Big things are happening this week over at Warner Bros. with the studio now looking to ramp up its Korean-language debut for I Saw The Devil helmer, director Kim Jee-woon‘s new Korean period film, Secret Agent. The report comes as the studio has come to see Korea as a lucrative market for investing in film due to the country’s successes in recent years, in addition to Fox’s latest slew of Korean titles, including Intimate Enemies starring Ryoo Seung-Bum.

Secret Agent was reportedly pitched to the studio by Harbin production CEO Lee Jin-sook, and is currently being described as a co-production venture between Warner Bros. and Grimm Pictures, with Warner Bros. fully financing the film, according to Variety. Actor Song Kang-Ho is set to reunite with the director following the 2008 flick, The Good, The Bad And The Weird and there is currently is no plot for the film said to be set early 20th century Korea during Japan’s colonial rule, although principal photography is scheduled to commence in October with locations to include Korea and China.

One might suppose the fact that Warner Bros. venturing into its first-ever Korean-language movie would be another great move for actor Song as well; The first movie I had seen him in was in the 1999 assassin thriller, Shiri, so it’s a real treat to see him come this far with an illustrious resume including films like Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance and Bong Joon-ho’s recent sci-fi epic success story, Snowpiercer, for which the director honorably fought tooth and nail to keep in its original iteration for North America.

Song is currently poised to appear in director Lee Joon-Ik’s upcoming period drama, The Throne in September. Stay tuned for more info!