Watch Tamiko Brownlee And Tony Chu See Red In SPECIAL ID – EPISODE 2: BLOOD

I got to briefly talk to Chu and Brownlee about this latest collaboration, and for fans of independent action, Chu‘s revival within the online film community has been a long-awaited one since going on an extensive hiatus many years ago for personal reasons. Chu, who runs his own professional photo studio in California, spoke to Film Combat Syndicate about his time with the premiere stunt team that started it all, Zero Gravity, and where he stood now with the newfound motivation he gained since tentatively leaving the field prior to getting into photography. “To return from a long leave of absence in pursuit to better myself as a photographer, I am very proud to see all the new faces that weren’t around during the time when Zero Gravity was more active online.”, he says. “Some of these younger faces were inspired by Zero Gravity and the reasons why they now pursue stunts. And that’s very humbling to hear this after all these years.”.