SG Action UK Breaks Laws Of Physics In New Hi-Speed Slo-Mo Reel

Nearly a year and a half in the making and since launching earlier this year in January, UK-based action and stunt performance group SG Action is out to stake its claim in the field of martial arts cinema. They are professional athletes who specialize in acting, drama, action comedy, stuntwork, tricking, freerunning, Harlem shaking (okay well maybe not Harlem shaking, lol), gymnastics, cheerleading, and even share credits for television and film, as well as live stage shows. They have their own Facebook Page, their own official website, a Twitter audience, and their own Youtube channel, all of which where people can subscribe to catch a taste of some of the action packed projects they partake in, as well as podcast updates to provide news and event info.

This week, in addition to illustrating some of their recent test fight footage, they also took an interest in showcasing their feats on camera with the help of a Motion Pro X3. Filming at a frame rate of anywhere from 800 to 1,500 frames per second, you would have never guessed a guy like Chris Jones could come just millimeters away from losing a toe while kicking a fruit off of a sword tip with such precision and accuracy.

This short video plays perfectly in its experimental value with timing and filming speed, illustrating beautifully shot mechanics of martial arts stuntwork in high definition, from tornado kicks, kick-ups and praying mantis techniques, to Jim Key’s use of a rope dart (3D is a must next time ^_^), and a girl named Eleanor who is all brains, beauty, and a total boss with nunchucks.

Feel free to check it out below or click HERE if the embed fails to load.

Don’t forget to check the description in the video for further credits, and for more info about Motion Pro camera, I would stick a link in here but just go and google it. 😉