Aspiring martial arts athletes from around the world are continuing to put out some of their best work in the hopes of becoming the next in line to help deliver what is now expected in today’s generation of martial arts athleticism and showmanship. And today’s example comes from none other than the sound track of hip hop duo Black Sheep’s 1991 hit, “The Choice Is Yours”, applied to the latest reel from martial artist, stuntman and tricker Sefa Demirbas hailing all the way from Europe by way of dynamic award-winning German martial arts performance and screenfighting troupe TeamBay (meaning Team 7, with Bay translating from Vietnamese).

Founded by fellow athlete, actor martial arts performer and independent filmmaker Vi-Dan Tran in 2002, the team has seen its evolution between old and new members while nuturing its audience ever since. Its latest attempt at re-emergence this year has featured some new collaborations in film, and even a brand new clothing line of their own, all of which you can learn more about at their official Facebook page in the video’s description.

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