Disney Cancels TRON 3. Is TOMORROWLAND To Blame?

So… that happened.

Apparently Disney isn’t moving forward with its plans for director Joseph Kosnski’s third installation of the Tron franchise according to THR‘s report a few days ago. Tron: Legacy stars Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde were all set to reprise their roles from the second film that followed actor Jeff Bridges’s performance in the 1982 first, while it was said earlier that production would commence in Vancouver, British Columbia this October with actor Jared Leto also starring.

I don’t know what this says about the chances of a third as I’ve been looking forward to it myself; The film’s cancellation comes just after director Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol helmer Brad Bird’s latest contribution, Tomorrowland fell hugely short of expectations at the box-office. Despite this, the studio still has more live-action features coming so I wouldn’t count the possibility of seeing a third film out just yet, although the fact that it’s not happening as soon as we all thought just plain sucks.

As for Tomorrowland, I wish I caught this trailer sooner because this looks fantastic. Check it out:

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