ELIT UNIT Pits Soldier Tactics Against Lady Ninja Prowess

It’s been two years since Marseilles-based independent filmmaker, martial artist and action actor Cédric Tellier picked up a camera and moved ahead with the production of his new shortfilm, Elit Unit. As per usual with many indie-made shortfilms of its kind, this one has had its share of hurdles along the way, particularly stemming from being a zero-budgeted project. Nonetheless, as experimental as it is, and gathered from what has been previously offered in several teasers since over a year ago, Elit Unit is just the latest embarkment for Tellier toward something much more ambitious.

There’s nothing really expository here, but the new shortfilm does serve its purpose, combining a dystopian, graphic novel look with some contemplative moments in between to accompany its gritty SWAT action, all direced and choreographed by Tellier. Elit Unit also showcases actress M-Lee in a spectacular final act with Tellier, using camera-friendly elements of parkour and stylishly slick gun-fu and fight action right down to the gruesome finish. Plus, M-Lee is total action eye candy if you love watching femme fatales in cool costumes go to work on screen.

Sixteen minutes of awesome, and all you need to do is push play and subscribe to the channel. Furthermore, Tellier wants to start shooting Elit Unit 2 later this summer. And by clicking here to show your monetary support, it can happen a LOT sooner.

Watch and enjoy!