Netflix’s YOUNG WALLANDER: Don’t Miss The Explosive Trailer For The New British/Swedish Crime Series

Directors Ole Endresen and Jens Jonsson, and producer Berna Levin, have taken a liking to late author Henning Mankell’s celebrated Wallander novels for the new six-part police procedural, Young Wallander.Netflix is streaming the official trailer for the series described as “young, edgy, and modern” take on the beloved franchise that sees the budding nascent detective, played by Adam Pålsson, investigating his gripping first case. As the plot reads: “The story focuses on the formative experiences – professional and personal – faced by Kurt as a recently graduated police officer in his early twenties.”The show will premiere September 3, and serves as the latest incarnation of the character to hit the screen since the numerous films and television programs that emerged since 1994.Also starring are Richard Dillane, Leanne Best, Ellise Chappell, Yasen Atour, Charles Mnene, Jacob Collins-Levy, Alan Emrys and Kiza Deen, from a script by Benjamin Harris, Jessica Ruston, Anoo Baghavan and Ben Schiffer.