SOUL ON A STRING: Check Out The Official Trailer For Zhang Yang’s Sweeping Epic

Award-winning filmmaker Zhang Yang’s Soul On A String has already become a favorite at several festivals last year including Busan and in Toronto. Film Movement eventually picked up the film for its U.S. release while plans are now under way to grant the film an audience at this year’s 16th New York Asian Film Festival.

After discovering a sacred stone in the mouth of a deer, Taibei, a solitary Tibetan cowboy, embarks on a mission: to bring it back to the holy Mountain of Buddha’s Handprint. Pursued by black market traders who seek the priceless artifact for themselves, as well as two brothers seeking vengeance for the long-ago death of their father, Taibei’s journey will be a long and difficult one – even before it is thrown off course by strange, mystical events..

Soul On A String stars Ciren Quni, Kimba Kimba and Dudiom Siano Zahi Zahi. Check out a trailer below!