Derek Kwok’s WU KONG Sees Eddie Peng Speaking Softly And Carrying A Big Stick In The First Teaser

It’s been over a year since intial news broke on the production Derek Kwok’s latest, Wu Kong. Kwok’s previous work with Stephen Chow on the 2013 hit, Journey To The West: Conquering The Demons, surely makes him a well suited pick to sit in the director’s chair in this particular category of folklore, adding to the freshness even further with actor Eddie Peng given his revitalizing performance as Wong Fei-Hung in the revitalizing Rise Of The Legend.

Here, he claims the title role for Kwok’s take inspired by pen named author Jin Zehai’s 2000 novel joining Peng with Invisible Target and Wild City co-star Shawn Yue’s role as fellow mythical mainstay, Erlang Shen, and actresses Ni Ni and Zheng Shuang. The film’s first teaser is here ahead of its July 13, 2017 release in China and right off the bat, you can already tell this will be a much more tonally different take than what we’ve seen based on the late Wu Cheng’en’s original literature in recent memory. This looks darker, slicker and pretty cool so far.


Wukong, born in Huaguo Mountain, has a heart of stone. Ji Hua, a powerful general from the heaven was going to terminate him. But Wukong was rescued by Bodhi and became his pupil. Jian Yang, was given an opportunity to become a strong god, but he needs to kill Zixia, the daughter of the Heaven Emperor’s rival, who he is in love with. Tianpeng, Ji Hua’s bodyguard, was given the secret order to investigate Wukong. All three of them entered the Heaven school together, and their lives are about to change.

Check out the teaser below!