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Matthew Essary

Matthew Essary has been a professional film critic since 2017 and a film fanatic for much longer.

Currently residing in Nashville, TN, he also co-hosts the film podcast "Video Culture" (available on all podcast platforms). He can be reached at "" and on Twitter: @WheelsCritic

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  1. cmoneyspinner
    October 6, 2022 @ 10:03 pm

    Well that certainly is an interesting assortment of male leads. I was surprised to see Mickey Rourke’s name. A movie about the shadowy world of government-sponsored assassins? [I] ‘Get real. There’s no such thing.'[/I], said Sir Winston Churchill slyly. I saw a documentary about the late great Winston Churchill who was a British Prime Minister. Evidently, he had no moral qualms about sending out government-sponsored assassins, who were. of course, sworn to secrecy.

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