THE OUTLAW JOHNNY BLACK: Michael Jai White Challenges Fans And Supporters To #GoOutlaw With Jaigantic's Indiegogo Campaign

Action star Michael Jai White has been up to all sorts of good in the last several months. Fans on Twitter got a taste in recent weeks of the actor’s upcoming blaxploitation Western spectacle initially thought to be a follow-up to his martial arts throwback retro favorite, Black Dynamite.

Further updates then confirming the film’s title of an entirely different label with The Outlaw Johnny Black made things a little more clearer with both teasers on White’s Twitter page still boasting the same celebrated look and feel of blaxploitation cinema. And not for nothing either as director Scott Sanders’s hit 2009 film officially set a gripping tone for festive fans eager to see White’s profusion as one of today’s biggest and genuine action stars.

Sadly, the same can’t be said regarding the politics of a myopic film industry rife with creative stagnation among other ailments. Alas, White and production partner, actor Byron K. Minns have put together two videos and a detailed case for helping crowdfund their new movie for $1 million dollars through small Indiegogo donations following the launch of White’s Jaigantic Entertainment banner.

Furthermore, not only does their Indiegogo boast a volley of badass perks for donors, but each contribution will be matched dollar for dollar to help fund White’s new action-packed love letter to a bygone era cinema that film legend Melvin Van Peebles would likely be proud of. A campaign video is now up and running, preceded by a pitch trailer packed with all sorts of blaxploitation Western cinema fare and a cast that also enlists Martin Kove and Never Back Down: No Surrender co-star and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett.

Click here for the Indiegogo and, without question, read the fine print and let’s help get a movie made!