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  1. Lee Hicks
    August 23, 2016 @ 4:05 am

    Great review! I was really hoping to hear a positive review for this film because the original has a very special place in my heart 🙂 I'm really itching to watch this asap! Any idea when the soonest I will be able to watch this here in the US will be?? How did you see it already, if you don't mind me asking?? Or is it already available to watch?

    • Anonymous
      August 25, 2016 @ 1:34 pm

      The film will have a limited theatrical release and Video on Demand on September 2, next Friday. It is really a worthy reboot in my opinion.

  2. Boris Prole
    August 28, 2016 @ 3:41 pm

    There was 4 sequels, the last one was with Dacascos… ☺

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